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Cure Chronic Insomnia

By Sacha D. Schesnuk

A five week road map to finding your mind’s off switch and putting your sleep issues to rest

In Cure Chronic Insomnia, you will discover how to tap into your innate ability to sleep. Through this five-week program, you will forge new pathways in your physical, emotional, and mental health that will make it possible to have a regular sleep schedule.

There is a wonderfully bright light at the end of the insomnia tunnel. Whether insomnia started because of the stresses of life or poor habits and anything in between, you still have the ability to sleep. It’s time to put chronic insomnia to rest, once and for all.

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Calgary Author & Writer

Hi! I’m Sacha (pronounced Sa-sha), a Calgary-based author and writer specialising in deep dive content. Whether it be capturing someone’s true essence in an autobiography, a heavily researched book in health and wellness, or pillar website content that genuinely helps someone, I’ve am eager to bring the visions of visionaries to life.

I’ve been writing for eight years and counting, and have serviced over 80 clients in Canada, the United States, and Europe. It all started with a dream to make an impact for both those around me and myself – I get tremendous value from helping people share either their personal stories or stories of their personal business.

When I’m not deep in capturing or absorbing ideas, I am with my two children, Ivan and Miles, and my husband Ryan. I’m a lifelong violin player having started at the age of three, and found a liking to the spin bike after a major spine injury.

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